What we do

Specialist Market Research and analytical consultant

  • Analytica offers a holistic approach incorporating qualitative explorations, quantitative research, analytics and modeling that goes beyond the traditional Market research.
  • Analytica is a specialist Market Research and analytical consultant with the unique proposition of instant accessibility to thousands of individuals through their Digital Platform. We have the ability to target the right audience / respondents 24 hours a day to collect and analysis their responses on Companies, products, social , political and lifestyle themes.
  • Our vast multi-industry experience ( know-how) in supporting companies, products and individuals in their decision-making process with hard evidence using primary data ( Market Research) or any other available data/information, and by integrating our Statistical, Mathematical and Financial models and techniques, we can take the insightful information to the next level of correctly identifying and optimizing the right strategy for supporting any decision.
  • Analytical will understand your specific needs and by listening (on real time) to the opinion of the relative target audience we can collect analyse the information and transform it into actionable deliverables that will answer all our clients needs.
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